Project Life – the start of Clearwater, FL

We were in Clearwater, FL for 2 weeks and I ended up with 6 pages for this area. We did a lot so I have a lot to show and tell. Here are the first two pages.

2clearwater - 1 2clearwater - 2


Being Still

I’m taking the Be Still class by Kim Klassen which is really about still life. However, I’m interpreting it as stillness. I’m mostly not going with still life because I really don’t have a lot of props here in my motorhome (although I could probably find something that would work if I looked hard enough) and also because I like to photograph outside.

I think I caught stillness here.


In other news, I no longer have a DSLR to use. It came to a tragic end when one of the cats chased the other cat onto the table where my camera was sitting and the camera went flying off and landed not so gently on the floor. To get it fixed would cost a minimum of $200 plus shipping charges and a new one of the same type would cost about $300. I wanted to upgrade eventually anyway so I’m taking this as a sign that I should upgrade now. I haven’t decided which camera I’m going with yet. It will be either a Nikon D7000 or a Nikon D7100. $300 separates the two cameras so it is kind of a hard decision. I’d like the D7100 but will it really be worth that much extra? I just don’t know. I’m hoping this camera with be my last camera so I may just go with the D7100 for that reason. We’ll see. I guess I need to make up my mind soon as we’ll be leaving this campground next week and I’m not sure about receiving packages in the next one.

Project Life – The Start

It took me awhile to figure out how I was going to do (or even if I wanted to do) project life pages. I really thought I wanted to do a paper version this year. I figured that would be a good way to save the ephemera that I collect from the places we visit. But it never happened, I never got motivated to start. That’s when I realized that I really like doing digital much more. So that’s what I’m doing this year. Here are the first two pages. (I haven’t figured out an intro page yet.) What I did decide is that I’m not doing it by week. I’m going to do it by campground, or, more precisely, the town we are staying in. This is the first few days of the new year. We left St. Marys, GA and spent a few days in Orlando, FL.

1 - week 1 - l 1 - week 1 - R