New Starts

Happy New Year!


New Starts was today’s prompt from Capture Your 365. And it was the perfect prompt for me. I need a new start and I’m trying hard to start new. I’m starting with a new planner (Filofax personal size with DIYfish inserts) and a new plan. I wasted a lot of time last year – well, in my defense we did do a whole lot of traveling so that took up some (a lot) of time. But I still wasted time. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. When I had time I mostly felt scattered and not really sure what I want to do. But I have new goals this year and I’m hoping with my new planner I can accomplish these goals.

My word for 2016 is STRETCH. I need to stretch myself in the things I already do and stretch myself to try new things. I also need to stretch literally, like do yoga.

My goals for 2016 are:

  • Research my family using and other tools
  • Document the travel we will be doing this year
  • Document my life – maybe Project Life, maybe some other way
  • Read More (I want to read at least 52 books this year)
  • Handle money better
  • Make art quilts
  • Become healthier (eat better, move more)
  • Create a cozy and colorful home
  • Study Wicca
  • Blog on a regular basis

And finally, my hobbies for this year (I have to put a limit here because I tend to want to try everything and I end up doing nothing):

  • writing
  • photography
  • quilting
  • art journaling
  • project life or something like that

Learning to Paint

I want to learn how to paint. I can make random lines but that’s about it. So, to that end, I’ve started reading Paint Mojo by Tracy Verdugo. The first exercise was to paint some symbols. I did. I’m not sure they are my symbols, but I painted some symbols. Not very well, but I painted them. Steps.

20151106-Paint Mojo Exercise 1

Then you add paint and sprays and scratching and stamps and words or anything else you wish. The painting looks pretty bad and random but after you are done painting you take a mask and find some interesting portions within the larger painting. I found some.

20151107-PM1-5 I like the heart here. There’s a bird behind the art. A bird is one of my symbols. I guess a heart is also

20151107-PM1-6Flowers are definitely one of my symbols although I’m obviously not good at them. Circles are a symbol of mine also.

20151107-PM1-4I tend to relate to sky symbols like clouds and suns. And animals like birds, butterflies, dragonflies. I think this is my favorite portion.


More flowers. This was a fun exercise.

Weekly Wrap – Accomplishments

When I thought about writing this post I thought about all of the things I hadn’t done, hadn’t accomplished, hadn’t crossed off my list. But then I decided to be more positive – maybe it was starting up on The Artist’s Way that helped. So, in that vein, here is all I accomplished in this short week that started the new year.

  • I went to a party, talked to people and had a good time. (That’s actually a very large accomplishment for me as I don’t like parties and never know what to say to someone in person. I usually stand by the food table and eat.)
  • I blogged every day this week – if we consider this week to only be the days in January.
  • I created my first 2014 digital collage.jan_4
  • I got one of my 52 items accomplished: I watched a movie! It was One for the Money which is based on a Janet Evanovich book. My sister had wanted to go see this movie when it first came out, as she’s as much a fan of the Stephanie Plum books as I am, but I had read the reviews and they were really bad. I then mostly forgot about it until this year when I was going through Netflix and Amazon Instant to find movies for the first of my 52 this year and I ran across this one. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but it wasn’t really that good. The Irish actor who played Joe Morelli was really distracting (I kept expecting him to start talking with an Irish brogue), but the actor who played Ranger was not as bad as fans of the book had made out. Any way, I watched it.
  • I started Project Life and got the opening page done and part of this week done. I think I will go with a page a week unless we’re traveling (and I have more to report on) or something is going on that week.
  • I organized my daily art supplies – now it is much easier to find that tool I need when I need it. Yay me!
  • As I mentioned above, I started back on The Artist’s Way. I had kept up on the morning pages, I just hadn’t done any reading since before Christmas.
  • And, last but certainly not least, I got my new Midori planner all set up and ready to go.

Finding Focus

I think I got a bit carried away this year. It’s only January 4th and so far, I’ve signed up for Root: A Thirty Day Journal Project, The Documented Life and Art Journey Caravan 2014. I have a large Midori planner and a small Midori planner, I’m doing Project Life this year, I’m doing morning pages ala The Arist’s Way and I’ve started writing at night before I go to bed. I want to have a visual journal in addition to Project Life (why?) and I have To Do lists in practically every journal book I own! I have completely overwhelmed myself and I think it’s time to find some sort of focus and balance. I don’t know what that balance will be but I can’t really keep up with all of this activity and still get anything else done.I need to focus on the stuff that’s really important to me: writing, collage and reading. I haven’t even left myself time to read and one of my goals is to read 52 books this year.

I need to learn to focus and stop getting distracted by all of the new things out there: the new journal class or the new collage class. I need to stay off Pinterest! I need to plan my day better and stick with my plan (hence the two planners, but do I really need two of them and my main To Do list isn’t even in either one of those books!)

I don’t really know how I’m going to solve this problem. Maybe I don’t have to solve it right this minute. Maybe I just need to work on my focus everyday and see what happens. I need to explore what’s important to me and do what’s important. The other stuff will wait.