Flashback Friday

This page was done in January and was also for the Kelly Kilmer class Marvel: Your Precious Life. Almost all of the collage pages I did last year were done digitally. I will most likely (and have so far) continue this trend into 2014. This one combines images I found on the internet (mostly using Pinterest) and digital art journaling supplies I’ve bought from various web stores. The writing was done using a pen tablet except for, obviously, the Heart cutout and Joy which was done with a digital stamp. Looking at it now, after almost a year, I see some things I would change, but I’m mostly happy with this.Day_5_-_Fill


Today’s Collage

I have nothing interesting to say so I’m showing the collage I made today instead. I am SO tired of this weather I had to have my alter ego make a command.jan_8-2


I’ve determined I will begin again. Start back on my digital collage and try my hand at paper collage. I don’t even know why I stopped but here I am again – learning as I go.December_3

I tried about 30 different fonts for this quote and none of them really sang to me. Did you know that fonts can sing? Anyway, I got tired and settled on this one. I don’t think it’s perfect but it will do. I need to move one.


Kelby Training had a sale during the cyber Monday week so I bought one month to try it out. Right now I’m taking a course called Ten Things Every Photoshop Designer Needs to Know. And boy am I learning a lot. This is my grungy page using what I’ve learned so far.

Dec_13I haven’t posted here for quite awhile. I’m determined to start up again. My perfection gene is trying it’s darnedest to prevent me from writing (and making collage) but I am going to conquer this beast!