Learning to Paint

I want to learn how to paint. I can make random lines but that’s about it. So, to that end, I’ve started reading Paint Mojo by Tracy Verdugo. The first exercise was to paint some symbols. I did. I’m not sure they are my symbols, but I painted some symbols. Not very well, but I painted them. Steps.

20151106-Paint Mojo Exercise 1

Then you add paint and sprays and scratching and stamps and words or anything else you wish. The painting looks pretty bad and random but after you are done painting you take a mask and find some interesting portions within the larger painting. I found some.

20151107-PM1-5 I like the heart here. There’s a bird behind the art. A bird is one of my symbols. I guess a heart is also

20151107-PM1-6Flowers are definitely one of my symbols although I’m obviously not good at them. Circles are a symbol of mine also.

20151107-PM1-4I tend to relate to sky symbols like clouds and suns. And animals like birds, butterflies, dragonflies. I think this is my favorite portion.


More flowers. This was a fun exercise.


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