I’m Back and The War of Art

I’m back. I haven’t been blogging, I haven’t been making art, I haven’t been writing, I haven’t been creating. In my defense we traveled A LOT these last 6 or so months. From New Orleans to Lake Superior to Rapid City (my new official city and state – I even got my drivers license while we were there) to where we are now in Port Aransas, TX. It’s been a lot of driving, a lot of moving, and a lot of sightseeing. I’ve taken a whole bunch of photos but have yet to do anything with them. But now that we’re settled by the ocean I’m hoping to change that.
    I’ve been reading The War of Art lately about how resistance to what we are supposed to do is the enemy of getting things done. And yes, I know that that idea, or something similar, have been written about before (The Artist’s Way comes to mind) but this book got mentioned in something I was reading and seemed to hit a nerve so I bought it. And yes, it was something I needed right now. I’ve been using resistance (in my case all the traveling we’ve doing) as my excuse as to why I haven’t gotten anything done. Well, I’m back now. I even started Morning Pages again. And I now require me to sit down for 30 minutes (I’m starting small, don’t judge) and write. It may not be the most enlightened, or even good, writing ever done, but at least it’s getting done. And I will also require me to spend at least 20 minutes creating an art journal page. It’s been a really long time, maybe a year or so, that I’ve done one of those.
      Should I WriteThis is the art journal page I did on Wednesday. I obviously didn’t get very far with this one. I was thought about going back to it and finishing it more but then I decided that I’m just going to take what I do every day as it is. I’m not going to worry about how nice, or not nice, it is. I’m just going to throw it up here on the blog. Hopefully the journal pages, and writing I’m doing on the blog every day, will, a year from now, show that I’ve made some good forward progress in both endeavors.
        I did not get a journal page done yesterday. I sat down to do something using Corel Painter and found that OS X El Capitan has done something to that program to the point that my Bamboo tablet gets really really really slow when using a paint brush. And the only purpose of creating in Corel Painter is to use a brush. I tried my tablet in Photoshop and the brushes there work just fine. But I was frustrated enough to let Mr. Resistance take over.
          But I can certainly create in Photoshop and maybe I’ll can get over my fear and use real brushes on real paper with real collage items. I’m not really saying that digital art is less then hand made art, but it is different. I think that if I want to call myself an artist I should be able to do work on paper in addition to a screen. But Mr. Resistance gets really loud anytime I get near paper.
            When I decided yesterday that I needed to bring this blog back to life I realized that I never set a mission statement for it. And maybe that lack of mission is preventing me from using the blog to best of my ability. Well, we’ll see anyway, as I’ve decided that now’s as good a time as ever to create that mission statement.
              So, the mission of this blog is to:
              • write daily on the progress, or lack thereof, with my writing, my art work, my photography;
              • show daily the art work I’ve created either presently or in the past;
              • document the redecoration of our motorhome, as resistance seems to be getting in the way with that endeavor also;
              • document how I’m conquering resistance;
              • talk about how Morning Pages are helping (or not);
              • discuss my ongoing struggle with deciding on a Planner vs a Bullet Journal vs using my iPhone for task management (I know, tough life I have);
              • learn how to write about the sights we see when traveling rather than using photographs to tell the story.
              I guess that’s it, at least for now. I can always add more as I go along.

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