Planning 2014

Last year (well, the end of last year) I made a planner for myself with an old Circa binder I had and supplies I had laying around. While I really liked that planner, after surfing the web way too long looking at Filofax blogs and Pinterest pins, I got hooked on a Midori Traveler’s Notebook. I asked for and received one for Christmas and that’s what I’m going to use for my planner this year.

The Midori is basically a piece of leather with some bands in the middle to handle insertable notebooks and a band on the outside to hold everything together. It comes with a lined notebook that I am using for a daily journal. I had to buy a planner to go in and the only planner notebooks that I could find that fit in the Midori were undated, which I didn’t really see as a problem. Banditapple makes a planner that would fit in the journal and it was a lot cheaper than the Midori one but I really liked the Midori layout better so that’s what I went with. I liked the week (starting with Monday) on the left side and the blank page on the right. Lots of room to write appointments and To Do’s.


The Midori planner has only 6 months in each book so you need to buy two books for the whole year. I only bought one to start and to make sure that I really liked the format. I’ll order a second one later in the year. I made tabs for the months and attached them at the top. They were easy to make in Photoshop since it’s just a rectangle with the month on both sides.20140110-IMG_0684

So far I’m very happy with this setup, although it has only been 10 days.


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