Finding Focus

I think I got a bit carried away this year. It’s only January 4th and so far, I’ve signed up for Root: A Thirty Day Journal Project, The Documented Life and Art Journey Caravan 2014. I have a large Midori planner and a small Midori planner, I’m doing Project Life this year, I’m doing morning pages ala The Arist’s Way and I’ve started writing at night before I go to bed. I want to have a visual journal in addition to Project Life (why?) and I have To Do lists in practically every journal book I own! I have completely overwhelmed myself and I think it’s time to find some sort of focus and balance. I don’t know what that balance will be but I can’t really keep up with all of this activity and still get anything else done.I need to focus on the stuff that’s really important to me: writing, collage and reading. I haven’t even left myself time to read and one of my goals is to read 52 books this year.

I need to learn to focus and stop getting distracted by all of the new things out there: the new journal class or the new collage class. I need to stay off Pinterest! I need to plan my day better and stick with my plan (hence the two planners, but do I really need two of them and my main To Do list isn’t even in either one of those books!)

I don’t really know how I’m going to solve this problem. Maybe I don’t have to solve it right this minute. Maybe I just need to work on my focus everyday and see what happens. I need to explore what’s important to me and do what’s important. The other stuff will wait.


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