Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

I haven’t been art journaling in quite a while. Part of the problem was that we were traveling most of July and August and I didn’t do any journaling then (a story for a different day.) But I’ve been back for about 3 1/2 months now and have not started up again. I guess part of that can be attributed to trying to get back in the swing of things after being gone so long but still. I guess it takes me longer to get back in the swing of things than most. So, in an effort to kick start some creativity, I’ve decided that I need to buy some new supplies. Hey, any excuse to get new goodies! My problem, however, is that I love about $2000 worth of new supplies. And it takes me forever to narrow down my choices. I like to put lots of stuff in my shopping cart and let it sit there for a few days and then I come back and narrow it down. (Which is why I like digital art supply stores that have a sticky shopping cart.) I do find that a bit of the items I put in no longer appeal after a few days. So much of what I like depends on my mood on the day I’m browsing. And if I still like something after a few days there is a good chance I will like it for a while. Right now I’m still in the narrowing down process.

On top of that my motivation is low and I can’t seem to find something to “art” about. I guess I could fall back to my sometimes motivator of using today’s Tarot card as a jumping off point. I’m playing around with the Stories of the Wild Spirit tarot deck and the art work on these cards is very nice. I don’t think that the art work always goes with either (especially) the short meaning or the longer story that was written for the card but nonetheless I can still use either the meaning, the story or the card itself as my inspiration.

And just jumping in and putting something on the page, even if I throw it away later is better than sitting here doing nothing but complaining about not having motivation. Although it is fun to complain. Ok – off to shop.


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