Happy 90th!

This week was Wayne’s mother’s 90th birthday. Happily, Kathleen and Megan were both able to get here for the celebration. Megan came down on Monday and Kathleen came up on Tuesday.

Tuesday, Gert’s actual birthday, we took her to dinner at Rod’s in Morristown. The food was very good, the service was horrid. I expect that when I’m paying $40 for an entree that the waiter would occasionally interact with us. But apparently that’s not a criterion for a waiter at Rod’s. The place was fairly crowded so I’m assuming that we were the only one’s annoyed by the lack of service. Well, at least I didn’t have to leave a large tip.


But we still enjoyed ourselves as only our family can. And, we had a surprise guest for Nana: Wayne’s brother’s daughter Meredith who was home from college this week.

After dinner we went back to Gert’s where we had cake and coffee and more talking. Gert wanted the cake so that she could bring pieces to all of her neighborhood friends.


The hat that Gert is wearing came from another birthday bash in her honor thrown by some of her friends from church.20130427-princess

And Matilda is here!20130427-matildaKathleen had to go back to work on Wednesday, so Wayne and I drove her back to Philadelphia. We, finally, got to see the NCC exhibit of Prohibition. It was very well put together and very interesting. And the video tour produced by Kathleen was excellent.

And I even got my photograph taken with Al and Lucky. I guess I’m lucky – (sorry)



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