Time for the Bedroom

This month I’m updating the bedroom and I’m doing it on a budget of $0 because, also this month, I am not spending money on anything but essentials. And, yes, a nice bedroom is pretty essential, but I’m sticking to my guns (or rather wallet) here.

Luckily for me the room was just painted in November so I don’t have to worry about that and I, because I’m a fabriholic, have a ton of fabric I can choose from to do the pillow, etc upgrade. I’m keeping the bedspread and bedskirt because they are in excellent shape and I really like them.

This is the bedroom before:



Pretty boring.

I’ve, so far, picked these fabrics as my palette. I’ll also throw in some off-white muslin and maybe try my hand at screen printing, since I have all that equipment also. Which is one of the reasons I’m on a spending freeze right now.


This week I got the pillow shams and one set of pillowcases done. It still looks a little boring, but it’s getting better.
20130104-DSC_0130-EditNote: the lines in each pillow are creases that I didn’t iron out because I was too excited to try the pillowcases on the pillows.

I’m also planning on hanging pictures since I have a ton of picture frames in my craft room and plenty of pictures to print. And if I run out of ink I’ll have my husband buy those – although ink is an essential, right?


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