Project Life 2013

Happy New Year.

It’s time for another round of Project Life. This year I’ve decided to go smaller. I used the Simple Stories Sn@p book for my December Daily and I really liked the size of it. So, I made a last minute decision to go with that size binder. I was going to go digital but I like having a book where I can stick ephemera, even thought I don’t collect a lot of that. But anyway, since my decision was last minute I didn’t end up ordering the Snap book until December 30th so it won’t be here for awhile.

I ordered two binders to start and I went with one orange and one brown. I also order some sheet protectors, mostly the ones that hold 4×6 size pictures/cards/etc.

Luckily I have sheet protectors, insert pages and dividers left over from my December Daily so I can get started even without the binders.

This year I’ve decided to document on a monthly basis rather than daily or weekly. That way I can include the important things and not have to include pictures of my backyard trees just to use all the spaces. Not that I have a problem using my backyard trees in my PL or other not big “important” events. But, the way our life is right now, we don’t always have a lot going on. Both daughters are living elsewhere and the pets don’t really change that much.

To start out I used the free Simple Stories printable pages. It’s not exactly creative but it fits the bill. The creativity part will come into play when I do the actual spreads (well, at least that’s the plan.)

IMG_0001 IMG_0002

I did get creative with the divider! I painted it orange and I’m going to put some collage or something on it. I’ll post that when it’s completed.


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