Project Life Week 32

This week the pages are mostly about the weekend we had in Philadelphia for my birthday. There is just a little bit about a couple days during the week at the end.

This is the left side:

Details for the top, middle and bottom:

I didn’t really use a week card this time. I added a month strip (from Tangie Baxter’s Tangible Plans) and stamped the week number.

Some pictures from our fabulous dinner at Jose Garces’ Tinto. It was dark in the restaurant so the pictures aren’t the greatest. I took the descriptions of the plates from the Tinto website.

The right hand side:

Right side details top, middle and bottom:

Lobster macaroni and cheese!

After writing directly on the photo of the battleship, I printed it out at 4×6 and then cut it in half to go into the journal spots.

And finally, I had so many fish pictures from our afternoon at the aquarium I added an insert:




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