Art Journaling the digital way

I have wanted to do art journaling for quite some time but I was always intimidated by the thought of actually doing it. Putting paint and collage items and making it look pretty seemed beyond me. And then one day I happen to find that it can be done digitally. While it really looks, and feels, nothing like a painted, collaged, hand-written page would look, it does have it’s own certain charms. I, of course, went right out and bought some digital art journaling supplies from Jessica Sprague

and Deviant Scrap

and I’ve been having a blast. I am still trying to find my own style

and I think I tend to be a bit too generic and not as personal as I should be

but hopefully that will come with time and practice. I did join an online digital art journal group where you get 5 or so prompts a week and that is helping me. But I also need to branch out on my own and come up with my own prompts and reasons for journaling.

All of my prior Photoshop experience definitely helped me with doing this. I imagine it might be a bit overwhelming without such a background.

The one thing I haven’t figured out yet is what to do with these pages. Should I print them out and bind them in a book? Or just keep them online? Printing them out might prove to be costly. Something to think about.


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