Project Life Week 6

I am very behind in getting my Week 6 update here. I’m trying to figure out a better way to take pictures of the pages. This week I decided to try taking them outside. It does have the most light as my house tends to be on the dark side. That meant I had to wait for a nice sunny day to take the pictures which didn’t happen until Thursday of this week. But, as can be seen below, now I have tree branches in my pictures. Oh well.

Week 6:

It’s interesting posting these pages to the blog each week as I’m starting to see some themes. One is that this book is told completely from my point of view. Which is fine with me, I am the one doing it. It’s become like a big smash book, although I don’t put as much ephemera into here as I originally intended to do. I also thought that I wasn’t doing much journaling but it turns out that I am. It’s small amounts for each day/activity but it adds up to a nice picture of my life.

Left side:

I’m also starting to do more digital “layouts” for each picture than I originally intended. I wanted to try my hand at paper scrapping and, while some of the pictures are done with paper, I find that I am enjoying making the digital ones. All of the above pictures were created digitally with the exception of the two journaling cards in the middle which both use journal cards from the core Turquoise package.

Some details:

The spread on the left uses one of the larger journal card from the Clementine digital kit plus some older digital supplies. I’ve used my handwriting as the journal font here.

The spread on the left uses a journal card from Sweetly Scrapped which I believe was a freebie. The Monday comes from an Echo Park kit ForTheRecord from Jessica Sprague.

The right side:

All of the journaling done on the 4×6 photos was done by hand using some Martha Steward labels on the left and a tear-out journal page from my stash on the right. The stamp on the top photo was done digitally.

Some details:

The small journal card on the left was done digitally using a journal card from the Clementine digital kit. The other three journal cards were made digitally and printed out. I then printed the pictures separately and wrote the journaling by hand. The small picture on the far right middle was stamped digitally but the date was stamped on using a date stamp purchased at Staples. I  made the collage picture on the bottom right in Photoshop using Hipstamatic pictures.


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