Project Life Week 5

I am still having loads of fun doing this.

The left side:

And some details:

Week number out of stickers from my stash, some washi tape and I actually hand wrote the dates.

This was created digitally using bits and pieces of supplies I have, along with a typewriter font (I believe Old Typewriter.)

The right side:

This side is mostly digital. Some details:

The instax looking photo was actually created in Photoshop, as was the washi-looking tape. The font is my handwriting and the date stamp is from Jessica Spraque’s shop. When I created my font I apparently forgot to include an apostrophe. I correct that by using another handwriting font’s apostrophe but I see in the picture on the right that I forgot this time. I also forgot a word. Oh well.

The card on the left is from Cathy Zielske and, for the first time this year, I’m using a normal type font.


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