Weekly Project Check-in

Behind again. Sigh. I’m not behind in getting the project done. It was done Saturday last week, I’m just behind in getting my blog post done. I pretty much suck at blogging. I need to add that to my daily routine (which I don’t currently have, but that’s a post for another day!)

Last week’s project was another throw pillow.

The fabric was left over from week one’s green pillow. I used the wrong side for the border pieces and the right side for the middle. To tie both the piecing together and the fabric to the trim I added some orange stitching.

I made the cording with some cotton fabric I had lying around. It’s hard to tell from the picture (Note to self: more close-up pictures!) but the cording is an orange batik. I’m happy with the way it turned out, although I did have a problem with the invisible zipper. I sewed too close to the zipper teeth so I had to rip out some of the stitches.

Next week (well, technically this week) I am switching to art quilting. I’m doing the Quilt Along with Melody. I’m excited about trying my hand (again) at art quilting.


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