Monday: Project Check-in

(Arg!!! I actually wrote the post below on Monday (check-in day) but I couldn’t get to the pictures I wanted to add because I was in the middle of organizing my digital scrapbook supplies in Lightroom. And then I got sidetracked with other things and never got back to this post. So…a few days late but I did actually get the projects done last week.)

I made two throw pillows last week! Both came out pretty nice.

The first one used some Duponi silk that I had lying around. I washed the silk and then scrunched it up a bit and ironed it onto some lightweight fusible interfacing. Each side got some fancy machine stitches. I went with a different pattern on each side.

The trim I used is something I had bought this week to use for the pillows. I was going to go with the orange fringe (picture below) but it seemed a little too much with the blue fabric. I think that the orange and yellow cording worked out better, especially with the orange and yellow thread that I used on the stitching.

I like the way the stitches came out but I’m not so sure I like that the two sides are different.

Lessons Learned:

  • Google how to finish trim BEFORE you put it on. It doesn’t do much good afterwards. The trim is fraying a bit where the two ends meet. I tried both fray check and glue but it’s still there.
  • The invisible zipper should probably be in the same color as the pillow — it’s not quite that invisible.

The second throw pillow was with fabric that I had bought earlier in the week along with the fringe and cording. I really like how the colors work on this pillow and I really like the fringe (although it was rather expensive.)

Note to self for future posts: Take some pictures of the work in progress, find a better spot to photograph things (although the green fabric is hard to photograph no matter where it is — I guess because of the shine), and photograph the items in use (e.g. on the couch with the other pillows.)


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