Big Projects

I’m on a roll reading Elise Blaha and taking her advice to heart. Her post today was about staying inspired and how she does that by having big projects like decorating a playing card everyday or baking 40 loaves of bread, etc. So, I decided that I need a BIG PROJECT to both keep me busy and sane while I look for a new job and to help with my creative practice.

To that end, I’ve decided to sew something (at least one item) every week for the next 49 weeks (in other words, for the rest of this year.) And “by sew something” I mean finish it. One of my problems is starting things but then not finishing them, so it has to be finished to count.

Since each project has to be completed in one week that will leave out some of the bigger things like quilts or a new dress but I’ll try to fit those in as I go along.

This week’s project is a pillow. I need some pillows for my living room so the next few projects will most likely be pillows. I was going to pick pillows as my weekly project – make a pillow a week – but that would have been a ridiculous amount of pillows and my house isn’t that big. I have all of the supplies (I went shopping Tuesday) so I’m all set to go.

I think check-in will be on Mondays since that will give me the weekends in case I do go back to work.


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