Project Life Week Three

I still really like Project Life. I do. However, I’m finding that it’s limiting me. I have stories to tell and pictures to print and the 4×6 and 3×4 slots are proving not to be enough. I guess I could add inserts but I would still be limited by the size.

I wrote those words and then put the post aside for a bit and starting reading some of the blogs I follow. I happened across a blog post by Elise Blaha about Project Life and I had an epiphany!

The reason I was feeling limited is because this week, for the first time, I did the whole week at once. I waited until Sunday and then gathered my pictures, my ephemera and I even made a plan. I hated it. It felt rushed and unorganic (if that’s a word.)

Elise does her PL every day and reading her blog made me realize that just because almost every other Project Lifer that I read does her’s on a weekly basis DOES NOT mean I have to do mine that way.

So I went back to doing my week daily. I am having much more fun. Of course, my life is most likely very different than a lot of the blog ladies. My kids are all grown up and I recently got laid off so I have plenty of time during the week to do a bit each day. It’s almost like art journaling daily.

I’m back on the wagon!


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