The Interview

I went on a job interview on Friday. I thought I did OK during the actual interviewing part. The thing that threw me off, well two things, but the first was when the manager asked about me being laid-off. It was like she didn’t believe that I could be laid off without being a performance problem. I explained that the company laid a whole bunch of people off because of reorganization and cost cutting but I’m not sure how much she believed that.

The other thing that threw me off was the “test” they gave me to see what my Excel and Access and Visual Basic knowledge was. I had to use the manager’s computer – sideways! – and do a few exercises. Having two people stare at you, at least for me, was very disconcerting. I made a couple of mistakes and then tried to correct them all the while getting more nervous and having them stare at me did not help at all. I pretty much flubbed most of it. I think a better idea would have been to ask me to complete the assignments on my own within a certain time period, but, since I wasn’t in charge, I don’t really have a say in that.

After writing the above paragraphs I realized that I’m not sure I would want to work for someone like that anyway. Someone who thinks it’s your fault you got laid off. Although it did seem to me in the short time I was there that her staff (at least the 3 I met) liked working there. I don’t think it’s going to matter as I seriously doubt I have any chance what-so-ever to even consider the job.

Oh well. Chalk one up to experience!


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