The Practice of Quiet

Yesterday I went to a new salon – I’d gotten a gift certificate from Megan. I went in for a facial and to get my hair cut and highlighted. While getting my facial I tried very hard to be in the moment. After all a facial is all about relaxation. But my mind kept wandering. I thought about what I needed to do when I got home, what I wanted to do about dinner, what I should say at my interview. There was even soft classical music playing and birds sounds. I tried concentrating on the music and the birds and doing my deep breathing exercises but my mind kept wandering. I thought I could do an OK job of being in the moment but I think I need to add that practice to my list.

In a related topic, Zen Habits has a post today about being alone. Being alone I can do. I don’t need music or TV noise to keep me company. But being alone is not the same as being in the moment. I spend WAY too much time on the computer. Some of if necessary (digital art, writing) and some of it totally unnecessary, but fun (blog reading.) Maybe writing by hand would be good practice. Maybe doing art work with an actual paint brush instead of a digital one would help in the pursuit of this quiet, of being in the moment.

So, my goal for next week – since we’re already at the end of this one and tomorrow I have an interview – will be to hand-write morning pages every day, write my blog post on paper first and do at least 3 art journal pages plus my project life stuff.

Here’s to quiet!



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