Project Life Week 2 thoughts

I’ve finished my second full week of Project Life. I am, so far, loving how this is turning out. It’s very scrapbooky in the true sense of the word. It’s not color-coordinated, it’s not full of “product.” It’s just my pictures and my words. I really like being able to add in ephemera and scraps and little bits. I like digital scrapping but, unless you scan the ephemera, it’s not quite possible to put some in.

I did do some scrapbook type stuff on the date picture by adding the words “Week Two 2” with some stickers that I had. I’m OK with that.

I read a blog post about project life where the person did not use one of the picture slots for the date and I think I may go that route or maybe use one of the smaller picture slots for the date/week.

I typed all of the journaling in Photoshop using either a typewriter font or my handwriting font. I think I should try actually hand writing some journaling.

Since the Project Life photo protector pages are back-ordered I’ve been using regular 4×6 photo protector pages. I am considering keeping those even when (if?) the PL protectors are back. I’m thinking that it may give me more flexibility with photos and placement, etc.

I really wanted to do Project Life with the Clementine edition but since Kathleen got me the Cobalt version for Christmas I’m going with that and I’m finding that I like it. I do have the Clementine digital journal cards, but I’ve also been having great fun creating my own journaling cards from some of my (enormous) digital scrap supply. So, not only am I getting practice at journaling, I am also getting practice with Photoshop.


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